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The event, chaired by the Romanian Ministry of Energy, Anton Anton, was attended by the European Commissioner for Climate Action and Energy Miguel Arias Canete and ministers of Energy from European Member States.

The participants approached an orientation regarding the priorities in the fields of infrastructure and innovative solutions for the coming years in order for the EU Concil to addopt the conclusions on this matter in June 2019.

”The need for investments, the development of energy infrastucture, innovative solutions and technologies are among the strategic directions of the transition process. The Clean Energy Pacage for all european citizens is an important step for the energy transition and decarbonization of the energy sistems. The natural gas infrastructure, the electricity infrastructure and energy storage capacities will have to tranforme to become a smart tool in order to supply all the consumers and pillar of economical and social development. Furthermore, the coupling of electricity and gas markets, together with the digitalization of the entire energy sector could significantly contribute to reducing the CO2 emissions with relatively low costs”, Anton Anton, Minister of Energy of Romania.

During the Council, the delegates and the European Comission signed a Declaration for a sustainable and smart gas infrastructure for all europeans, which represent a solid base for stimulating the potential of natural gas and usage of clean energy such as hydrogen, bio ethanol and syntetic methane in decarbonization of the energy system. The document was co-signed by the majority of the State Members, as well as the representatives of the energy industry.

The Council held in Bucharest also hosted the first ministerial meeting between the Member States and the Eastern Partnership states. The objective of this meeting was to establish a regional dialogue for appropriate cooperation in the perspective of ensuring the energy supply and diversification of the sources of energy.

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